My 2nd Annual, Spring Motorsickle Trip

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Just so you know, boys ‘n goils… I’m leaving this morning (3/26), on a motorsickle trip. I’m going from my humble city, Lost Wages, – to Kingman, AZ – Flagstaff, AZ, “Meteor Crater, AZ”, and then “Other parts” that hit my ‘fancy’.

The reason I’m mentioning it at all is that I did a parallel bike trip LAST spring. That time I was retrieved from the field by an emergency call from Steven Spielberg. I’ve already called him this time, and told him to NOT interrupt my ‘adventure’ this year.

One of the reasons I let him interrupt me last year was that I “thought” I had enough experience to ride my bike. It was much like a new airplane pilot who has logged in a satisfactory (big smile) 100 flight hours (while circling the airport), and deciding he can now fly to, say… Moscow.

As I was ending my previous trip, I decided I needed to add some ‘expanded’ experience. So, I took an ‘advanced’ motorsickle course at my local community college (seriously) / then took an ‘off-road’ bike course from BaJa-1000 winner, Jimmy F. Lewis / then got one-on-one dirt-bike instruction from the same Jimmy Lewis, (and had lunch at “the best little whorehouse in Nevada”) / THEN went on a 2000 mile trip up into the bowels of darkest Oregon to attend a Bigfoot convention… / T-H-E-N, took a ‘refresher’ course from Grand Master Lewis, and THEN… started riding (meaning ‘slippin’ & slidin’ in the desert) pretty often.

So now, smarty pants, I can actually say, “I kin ride one a them-thar motorsickles.” Hey, it’s a big statement in the motorcycle world. I REALLY DO compare motorcycle-riding to flying an airplane. I think motorcycle riding is a little more dangerous, to be honest. They BOTH require a L-O-T of diverse experience/extremes, they both require a LOT of riding/flying attention, and they both require a LOT of trip preparation. (Makes you wonder why someone does either, right? — BECAUSE OF THE FUN!, silly…! (It’s DisneyWorld out there.)

Anyway, I’m leaving for Arizona this morning, gonna go down there and teach those Arizonans a thing or two. Actually, since I was a kid, and was reading the National Geographic Magazine that I stole from my school, (and stopped just looking for nekkid wimmen) – I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Meteor Crater, the ‘scared’ oopsie… the Petrified Forest, and the Painted Desert. In my kid’s eye, growing up, I had all sorts of ideas as to what a ‘petrified’ forest (Boo!) would look like… and I assumed the ‘painted’ desert would be in varying hues of purple and yellow, (my two favorite colors.) – So, with my newly acquired experience, I decided to go take a look. Watch out! Arizona, I’m coming your way! Lock up yer daughters!

“But wait…” (sounds like a TV commercial, doesn’t it?) “But wait, There’s more…” – whenever I’m on one of my bikes (and alone), I like to let folks I care about know… that EVEN IF I’M OUT IN THE WILDERNESS… (which I frequently am,) I’m “ok”. The problem is… a lot of places I go to have ZERO cell coverage, particularly for my cell-provider, Sprint.

So, one of my favorite ‘bike-advisors’, Mr. Ken Saheki, recommended I get a “Spot-device.” – If you don’t know what that is… Well, it’s a small, bright orange “thingy” that you attach to your belt, bike, or backpack, (http://www.findmespot.com/en/#)– It’s about the size and weight of a small donut, and it fits pretty much wherever you want to put it… (bike / body / backpack…) The ‘big-deal’ is… that it has a satellite connection.

With the Spot-device, I can send ‘pre-programmed’ email messages with a push of the button on the device itself. So… if I’m out in the middle of the Terrified Forrest (which I plan to be), and decide to spend the night out there, (which I plan to do,), I can push a button on ol’ “Spot” (arf) and let people I care about (President Obama, the new Pope, Jimmy Swaggert) know I’m ‘ok’. Here’s the message the Bamster, and the Pope will get: “TommyBoy is travelling on his motorcycle; — all is well and ok.”

“But wait..” there’s more…. — besides the Pres and the Pope… YOU TOO… can go to this link (http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0gD5Be1MdFPdiVyOK8puf5ukN551Jz0tv) and track my meanderings. – (it’s also on my motorcycle-blog, (www.tomadair.com/blog) in the “Follow Me” tab.) That link will let you “track” my progress. In essence, ol’ Spot writes my motorcycle-movements to a webpage. – Ya never know… you might be interested in seeing where I’m wandering around and waxing forth in, – philosophically.

The ol’ Spot-device has a bunch of features. It has an “S.O.S” feature that will alert the nearest “911” provider that I SERIOUSLY need some help. – It has another button that is a “non-emergency” hep-button, and I’ve programmed it so it will alert some friends of mine to “come get me AND my bike.” (i.e., get in touch with a motorcycle-towing company, and pick up my dumb ass.)

Yeah, I know… the ol’ “Spot-device” is probably a little bit of an ‘overkill’, but even though I may act and function like I’m 28, — I’m actually in my late-60s, (even though I don’t look like it – to me, I think I look like I’m in my mid-60’s “Pfffffttttttt…” – so there…) – But, even at the young age of 68 “an ounce of prevention…” as they say.

ALSO… there’s a WAY more important feature to the Spot-device… (at least to me.) That feature is… it’s a way for me to “reach out and touch you guys”, my blog-readers. Granted, it may seem a little silly, but I LIKE knowing in my brain, that I’m sharing my trip with you, via the ‘tracking feature’. It gives me a LOT of comfort, you might say. — Maybe it’ll give you a little comfort (or annoyance) too.

Anyway, “I’m off” this morning, (in more ways than one), and I’ll update you from the road about how scary the Petrified Forest is. – Just so you know, after my Big Foot convention last Fall, I’m carrying TWO guns, TWO knives, and my ‘sap’.) Watch it! you big ghoulies in the Scary Forest, I’m coming at you, and I’ve got an attitude!; (and a camera.)

In the meantime, I’ll stay safe (meaning I ALWAYS ride within my capability) – and I hope you stay safe too…

Much love,

TommyBoy (zoom-zoom)

PS- By the way, I’ll have my netbook computer, and my cellphone with me. Send me a note, or give me a buzz, (this means YOU too, Wanda.)



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