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…I’m back. I got to ‘Vegas about noon today, all hale and hearty; 225 miles on the last leg… The total round-trip was 17 days and 2,700 miles I’ve really enjoyed talking to ‘all-y’all’ while I’ve been on my trip. I’m sure your thoughts and concerns helped the motorsickle gods to ease my way. I […]


So, I’m stuck in Beaver…

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There’s a lot of male-humor here, but I’m not going to touch it. (Dang it.)  – Lemme try this again, MEN, are a bit slow-witted and dumb, so the mere mention of some anatomical/erogenous zone to a guy, is right up there with flatulence. Fortunately, *I* am not like most guys, I can use the […]


So, I’m stuck in Lodi again…

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Ya see, what happened wuz…  as I was getting ready to ride this morning… and dammit… it started to rain. NOT here in Rock Springs, just everywhere else. I always check the weather map before I do my final-final packing (which means putting my computer away); and I could not BELIEVE how much rain was […]


Grand Junction, Colorado… Right?

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Wrong!  Rock Springs, Wyoming… in fact. Now, the thing is… on a motorsickle… one has to be flexible. Indeed I WAS going to Grand Junction, but it turned out (thank god for the Internet), they’re having a storm from hell down there, in fact… most of the way across Colorado. What happens, Pilgrim, is that […]


I’m in Sydney, (Nebraska, that is…)

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Kinda reminds me of a girl I used to date back in Atlanta; -Sydney Adamson… I could make a funny joke here, but not every joke I make is universally funny. Sydney is 395 miles west of Omaha. 395 miles isn’t the longest day in the world, of course; but on a motorsickle, as they […]


Welp, I’m outta here…

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Not quite, but soon. I’ve been in Omaha for ten days, and it’s been great. Saw some of my old haunts, “the Old Market”, the Central Park Plaza, (I danced on frozen water there one time, doncha know), and lots of old, out-of-the-way places like the Radial Café, and The B-G Tastee (home of the […]


In Omaha…

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“In Omaha…” There’s a movie called, “In Bruges”, (worth watching, in case you’re interested,) and I always liked that title. That’s why I called this post, in parallel, ‘In Omaha’. — Yesterday’s ride was from Henderson, Colorado all the way to Omaha, 521 miles. When I left Hendo, it was barely sprinkling, and I zipped […]


Las Vegas to Green River, Utah…(and beyond)

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So, I left Las Vegas on Tuesday. (8/6); in fact, I was rolling be 8:20am. I thought that was pretty good since I planned to roll at around 6:15. The last-minute details of actual leaving can be ‘vexing’; for all of us, I’m sure. Las Vegas to Green River, UT was 432 miles. Now, 432 […]


So… I’m going to Omaha tomorrow…

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Yeah, I know… “What’s in Omaha — right?” Well, I used to live there, 20 years, in fact. – I haven’t been to Omaha since 2009, and to be honest, I miss it a little; or more accurately, I miss “the people” there. Omaha is actually kind of a ‘hoot’. Some people might say that […]

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