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The trip from Twin Falls southward was ‘uneventful’’. – I hate to say that because no trip on a motorcycle is ever “uneventful.”  The ‘gestalt’ / perception / understanding you get while riding on a motorcycle is DIFFERENT. In a lot of ways, it’s very ‘primal’. — You FEEL the wind (you don’t in a car), when you’re hot on a motorcycle, it’s H.O.T. – In a car, you just turn up the A/C. – When it rains on a bike??? – Well, you get the picture. — To me, the “realest” thing I can do is go for a bike ride. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 ½ miles to the gym; or up to northern Canada… When you’re “motorcycling”, – you’re “at-one” with life… Everybody who doesn’t have one is making a mistake. — I really DO tell most people, “Get a motorcycle, it will change your life!”

Well, I’ll be home today (Tuesday – July 14th.) 21 days on a motorcycle …  4,734 miles under my belt (butt?) Granted, it’s not the longest ride in the world, but to me, it was epic; something to think about and reminisce on for the rest of my life.

I intentionally stopped at Ely, Nevada yesterday; I just didn’t want to end my ride on a 500-mile pull and be too tired to appreciate the final miles. Will I ever do an Alaska-run again? Sure / yes / no / I don’t know. — I DO know for sure I’m going to get a Can-Am Spyder  when I get back.–  It’s silly to spend the amount of time and concentration it takes on a two-wheeler. Bike riding should be enjoyable… it should be about the ‘experience’, the ‘looking-around’, ‘smelling the roses’… not fighting with your bike for advantage all the time. Can I DO it? Sure… most of you can too, with a little practice and patience. But “why” do it the hard way? (One has to ask.)

I started riding motorcycles again when I was 66. In that time, I’ve ridden almost 25,000 miles. I’ve ridden on all sorts of trails, both off-road and asphalt. Almost all of it would have been more enjoyable on a 3-wheeler; (maybe not raw desert trails.)

But, do yourself a favor, if you ever DO get the ‘itch’; get you a ‘three-point’ bike and don’t try to learn on a two-wheeler. I have seven bikes, I’ve got news for you; I’ve dropped them all. I’ve had ‘near-misses’, ‘blank-ups’, ‘errors-of-judgment’ on all them. Thankfully, I didn’t get seriously hurt on any. But almost all of them could have been avoided on a three-wheeler.

Naturally, I wouldn’t take anything for my ‘adventures’, ‘experiences’, and ‘chance encounters’ of all the times I’ve been on the road; this trip, especially. But a three-wheeler would have made it that much more enjoyable. – I’m gonna name mine, “Gizmo”… a friend from Cedar Rapids, ‘Iwa’ (there’s no ‘o’ in Iowa), suggested it…

So, here are the ‘reflections’ of my bike-odyssey…

I LOVED being at that lake and lodge in the northern Rockies, I’m gonna go back… for a vacation there (flying in…)

I LOVED being in Darby, Idaho… it was a spectacular antique-town. I should have spent the night there.

I LOVED “the spirit” of Dawson Creek, British Columbia; that town STILL has a boldness and sense of adventure to it.

I LOVED ‘border-crossing’, both ways. You really get a sense of what it means to be an American when you cross a border. “It aint home”, till you get back! – America, with all her faults, is WAY beyond ANY concept of other countries. That song still wafts through my mind: “I’m proud to be an American…”

I LOVED the ‘big sky’ of Montana, / Glacier National Park / ‘the tundra’ of Canada / and all the fine folks I met up that way.

And you know what…

I LOVE you all too… I felt like ‘all y’all’ were riding along with me. I could almost hear and feel the whispers of encouragement at my low points; the triumphant vibrations of victory when a new sight was seen, or a difficult hurdle conquered. I got many, many emails, phone calls, and comments… ALL of them were greatly appreciated. – You guys and girls are REALLY what made my trip possible… Seriously, I will be forever grateful…

Your motorsickle friend and companion…


Here are some random pics…

Out in the middle of the tundra-helmet - Copy

Out in the middle of the tundra-2

Willow Creek Summit

Tractor-1 (DC)

Northern Rockies Lodge-8

Northern Rockies Lodge-7

Northern Rockies Lodge-4

Northern Rockies Lodge-2

Northern Rockies Lodge-1

Girls in Salmon

Dog Scooter

BMW-RT in Salmon, ID

BMW-RT rider in Salmon, ID

Big Sky Idaho-4

Bicycle Rider at Logans Pass

Arf the dog

At the border (coming home)

Tom's Helmet2

Big Sky Idaho-helmet


  • kevin fisher says:

    Well or Welp as you would say.. Im am officially impressed. (not that matter much) but I am. I cant wait to do the same. Im happy you did it and Im glad your back safe! Hell, I am going to take back most of the stuff I said about you. Well done big boy… Well done!

  • Tom E. says:

    Holy Moley, that’s a lot of miles. I thought driving from Atlanta to Fallon and back was a
    lot of miles.
    From what I see of the 3 wheel bikes here, it makes a
    lot of sense to have the extra rubber on the road.

    Good pics.

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