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NOT tomorrow, NEXT Monday, Forrest, May the 2nd. — Gonna go from “The City of God”, Las Vegas… in a southeastwardly direction, and “cruise-the-Keys”. See what’s happnin ‘down south’. I’m actually going to arc up a bit into northern Arizona on my way out and cruise thru a magic little town called, Page. It’s on the edge of Lake Powell, and is one of the best-kept secrets around, with GREAT bar-b-que, (odd, huh…)

After Page, I’m going thru Monument Valley to Durango, Colorado on my way down to Philmont Scout Ranch in NE New Mexico. I was thirteen years old the first time I ever saw Philmont… and trust me; it really DID change my life. I’m pretty sure the reason I live in Las Vegas now is because of my visit to the southwest and Philmont back then. — So, going back to Philmont is “coming home”, – full-circle, if you will. Think of it like the movie/book: “Home to Bountiful”.

I started thinking about this trip about a year ago. I wanted to make it a “Magical-Mystery-Tour”, and re-visit some places that had significant meaning in my life. Places like Philmont, New Orleans, Panama City, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, etc./etc./etc. Also, I have some dear friends along the way who are “not feeling too good.” – I need to ‘pay my respects’, and ‘wish them well’ as they begin their next journey into the metamorphosis of the universe.

Remember, I said it’s a ‘magical-mystery-tour’, and a lot is also for me. I want to have a couple of “all-the-way” dogs at The Varsity in Atlanta; some bread pudding in Vega, Texas; a beignet or two at “Morning Call” in Nawleans… fried pies, turnip greens, butter beans, SWEET tea, and of course, cornbread; (not to leave out, biscuit, key lime pie, fried chicken, and Vi-Dalia onions.)

The high-point of this trip will be the Florida Keys. It’s funny that I lived in the south for first 33 years of my life and never made it to the Keys; always wanted to, but never quite got around to it. My second ex-wife (Jaws-II) is from Ft. Lauderdale, and I was down in the area a lot. Still… never got out to the “Dry Tortugas” (Key West.) – Bet you don’t know why they’re dry, (without looking it up.)

After the Keys, I’m gonna cruise up the east coast of Florida and stop in at Vero Beach (“Hey, Tommy”) – Then on up to Augusta, GA and see if the Georgia RailRoad Bank is still there… AND… see another dear friend, (“Hey, Ted…”) — From Augusta, I’m going to Atlanta and see if the cops still remember me. Hey, I drank a little likker in those days, and they used to encourage me to ‘get outta Dodge.’ – (Good advice, I thought, and left in 1979.)

From Atlanta, ‘who knows’… I may go up to Ashville, maybe cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway, maybe take in Gatlinburg… or Chattanooga (you can see seven states from Lookout Mountain there), and then mosey over to Nashville and write some country music; we’ll see.

I’ve already got all of my “prep-work” done on my bike, – went up to St George, UT last week to let the experts at ‘MotoZoo’ there look it over ‘real good’. — then, I did a ‘wheelie’ when I pulled out of the parking lot… (hard to do on a three-wheeled bike.) Got all my ‘health-checks’ done, my docs say I’m good for another 100,000 miles.

So, I’m rarin’ to go. Gonna meet some people, eat some peaches, and generally ‘raise hell’ in the deep south.

Oh yeah, drop me a note, or give me a call if you want me to stop by and see you. You can leave me a message on my blog (www.tomadair.com) – or, you can use my email address:  tomadair@newvista.biz   — You can also gimme a buzz on my cell… here’s the number: (702) 659-2101 (leave a message, it’s hard to answer when I’m riding.)

See ‘all-y’all’ soon, (it’s a southern thang).




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