I’m in Paris, (Texas, that is…)

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Check out this pic…


Pretty much sez it all, huh?… Yup, I’m in Paris; intentionally; – it’s ‘on the way’; PLUS… I always wanted to see Paris (TX) – I’ve got one other place I’d like to see… Orange, Texas… I always wondered how it got its name. Same with ‘Paris’, doncha know. I have half a mind to ride down to ol’ Orange; think I should? I’ll let you folks decide. Is it on to Orange, or on to N’Orleens? Lemme know.

You know, it IS a small world; the couple I got to take that ‘Smile’ picture above is from NEBRASKA, my adopted home-state. AND… they used to live in Las Vegas (As Johnny Carson used to say: “I kid you not.”) They were delightful, fer sure. Oh… get this… I stopped in another small Texas town along the way to have a do-nut. The young guy behind the counter was from Korea. I actually told him that he seemed a bit ‘educated’ to be running a do-nut shop. He told me he was an engineer!! He was running the shop a couple of weeks for his parents, who helped put him through college… (wait for it…) by running a do-nut shop. – Is that a great story, or what??? I gotta tell you, “Aint America Great!!”

You know, actually… I hear variations of that story all the time. One of the reasons I like to ride my bike is the spontaneous nature of it. You just never know who you’ll meet, or what conversation you’ll have. Another ‘fer instance’, I saw this sign along the way that read, “Pecan Valley Nuts, up ahead”. (Who wouldn’t stop for that, right?) So, I pulled in and wondered around the establishment. They had a small deli toward the back and on the menu was: “Home-made Pimento Cheese sandwich” Are you kidding me? My mother used to make pimento-cheese sandwiches all the time, (we were ‘pore’) I LOVE those thangs. Haven’t had one in 10,000 years. I had TWO…. Then, as I wondered around the shop, I met the female owner. She had enough energy to run for president, and I told her so…

We had a longish conversation about how she started her business, pretty much from the side of the road selling PERFECT pecans. Fascinating story… Seriously… So, I bought TWO ‘three-pound’ shelled-halves from her… AND… a bottle of PeeCan “erl” – (‘that’s ‘oil’, city-folk), and had everything shipped to my home address in Las Vegas. When she told me the total, I gulped a bit… and said “go over that for me, just so I’ll understand.” – She did… and I marveled that I might have just bought the world’s most expensive pee-cans… She assured me I’d recover, and I’d always think of her when I had some ‘bacans’ (that’s another way you pronounce it in the So-uth) Hell, she might be right… she WAS a right-handsome woman. (Naturally, I invited her out to Lost-Wages… She said she’d try to make it.) — See??? “On the road-on a motor-sickle” You never know who you’ll meet.

Yesterday was my 7th day of being ‘on the road’. It’s tuff, grand, miserable, and victorious. The musical group, “The Band”, was on the road for 16 YEARS! Can you imagine? Hey, I’m a big fan of that group; they opened for Bob Dylan. I went to the concert in Atlanta back in the 70’s. Then-governor Jimmy Carter was in the audience. Everybody in the arena was smokin’ dope. I think even Gov. Carter (me too…) It was a GREAT concert… “The Band” stole the show. There was even a movie made about them. It was called: “The Last Waltz”, a seriously great movie. Check it out sometime, you’ll be impressed.

But the actual point I’m trying to make is… they were on the road for 16 years… and I have only been ‘OTR’ (on the road) for seven DAYS. So far… I’ve been 1,674 miles (Hey, that’s 240 miles a day… pretty good, on a motor-sickle.) I washed clothes last night; it’s hard to do most times; Ya gotta wait till the washer/dryers are free to use… then hang around a bit to make sure it all works well… but in the end, you get a great, over-looked luxury: clean clothes… (under-appreciated, fer sure.)

I’m gonna be in N’Awleens this coming week. Then Tupelo (gonna stay an extra day) then on to Birmingham and my old stomping grounds. Gonna mosey up to Cullman, to see an old GF… then, back down to Montgomery to see a childhood friend, Jerry Dozier. I’m looking forward to this coming week. It’s one of the reasons I decided to do the trip in the first place.

I’ve already looked at the “weather-map” and I’ll be rolling into some rain today. I DON’T LIKE TO RIDE IN THE RAIN… (but I can do it) It’s a ton easier on a three-wheeled bike, than a two-wheeled bike. Nevertheless… it’s STILL a bit dangerous. So, “send me some love” today… And I’ll get back atcha tonight…. Tell you where I am… It’ll either be Alexandria or N’awleens. (Go Saints!) – Or maybe Orange, Texas… who knows.



PS – here’s my “Tracking-Page” (http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0seJseUF8nps5v94ORZolubfWN1AosNFO)


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