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So, it’s been a while, huh? –

Yeah, I know, nothing since May 29th… Am I still alive, or whut?

Yes, I am… — DAMNNNN…. It was hot this summer, wasn’t it?? Geez – 119 degrees on July 3rd

So, here’s the deal. While I was out on my Can-Am this past May, I decided I needed to ‘do’ something “motor-cycly” during the ‘off-season.’ I already know my big ride for next year is up the California coast on the Pacific Coast Highway; also called California Highway 1.

I mean, if you’re a motor-sickle person… you’ve got to see this thing; — here… take a look: Pacific Coast Highway

I’ll be starting from just north of LA and going up to see my former motorcycle-mechanic, who moved to Vancouver Island. The ‘PCH’ is about 1,300 miles up the coast and goes up thru all the famous names; check this out: ‘Marina Del Rey’ / ‘Santa Monica’ / ‘Big Sur’ / ‘Monterey’ / ‘Frisco’ / ‘Portland’/ ‘Seattle’ — Who wouldn’t want to cruise thru there?, huh…

Buttttttt… that’s NEXT year, prolly some time in May/June. – in the MEAN TIME… I bought a 2005 Yamaha TW200 (200-cc) dirt bike to ride around / thru / all-over Death Valley.


The deal on the “Tee-Dub” (that’s what they call it) is that it’s kind of a goat. Not too fast on asphalt, (like ‘55’), but it’ll climb a tree.


I’m kind of a ‘geology-geek’, and ‘picking-around’ in DV is sort of appealing to me. Also, you never know who you’ll meet in DV… You wouldn’t believe the famous people who have moseyed through there… and NOT just Charles Manson, either. (He used to have a run-down ranch on the edge of DV)

One of the several places to ride on your bike is “Titus Canyon”:

Titus Canyon

Another is “The Racetrack”… they call it that for the “slow-moving” ROCKS there…

The Racetrack

“Ubehebe-Crater” is another famous landmark in DV


Anyway, there’s a bunch of sights to see, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all. I’m going to use “Beatty, Nevada” as my ‘head-quarters’, and then mosey out on ‘day-trips’, kinda like spokes in a wheel. I’m WAY ‘geared-up’… it’s called “DEATH-Valley” for a reason, you know… I even have fresh batteries in my ‘spot-device’, so you’ll be able to track me on my daily runs.

All in all… I plan to do several “three-or-four-day” tours to various point in DV between now and next May. Gonna take lots of pics… write lots of “exposes”, Gonna camp next to “Area-51” and see if I can spot some UFOs.

I “think” my first sojourn will be in the first week after Thanksgiving. I just had the ‘top-end’ of my dirt bike rebuilt,


…and I need to check it out over in a desert park near me called: “Desert National Wildlife Refuge”


It’s pretty similar to DV, but is only 17 miles away from where I live. – If my ‘shake-down’ goes well in the Wildlife Refuge, then I’m off to DV.

Here is some ‘folk-lore’ about DV, (ghosts and all)


Who wouldn’t want to go there, huh?

Just so you know… among my OTHER surveil-gear is a .44 magnum, a .38 ‘back up’, a “Bear Grylls” survival knife, and my personal “Ernest Emerson Combat Folder” knife. (Gonna leave the grenade-launcher at home.)


I’m sure I’ll be fine… I’ve got several people watching me on my “Spot-Device” – I just told ‘em “If the spot stops moving, take note.” — (Actually, it has an “S.O.S” feature on it, just in case)

I’ll be sending updates and pics from the ‘Valley” soon… I’ve got a ‘low-light’ camera, a ‘low-light video-cam’ and ‘low-lite’ binocs to see what the deal is on those moving rocks. (AND… Area-51)

If I get abducted by a flying saucer, I’ll wave at you as we fly by.




PS – here’s my “Tracking-Page” (http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0seJseUF8nps5v94ORZolubfWN1AosNFO)



  • doyle says:

    Nice Tom—-I mean Butch—-to me it will always be Butch—u going solo on this mission ???? spose so, hard to find another geezer with the interest and
    energy to travel along….probably about 4 yrs past my envelope –what is temp like in DV this time of year ??

    I did some hiwy one many years ago —of course had 4 wheels under me

    Have fun—going to try and figure out this spot thing so I can follow —all of us aren’t computer geeks —-u know, minor hi and all

    • TommyBoy says:

      Hi Doyle… — No sweat on ‘Butch’… I still get called that a lot. Indeed, I AM going solo, not a lot of people like to ride around in the desert, ESPECIALLY in Death Valley…. it’s pretty remote. — The temp in DV is ‘coolish’ in the daytime, and downright cold at night… the 30’s. — On the “Spot-thing”, there’s nothing really to figure out. Once I get going, the link we be at the bottom of my blog-post, and all you have to do is click on it. — It’s ‘passive’ right now, (since I’m not moving) — By the way, thanks a lot for reading my blog, I appreciate it. — Tom/Butch

  • Jacy Warner says:

    LOL !!!! good hearing from you again and PCH has fantastic scenery. If you have motion sickness get ready because there are a bunch of switch backs that will get your attention. Good luck with the aliens they will give you a cool ride in their machines.

    • TommyBoy says:

      YOU TOO!! (good to hear from you) – I’ve missed ya, kiddo… You learned to ride them F-1s yet? — Yeah, agreed… I’m definitely looking forward to the PCH. I haven’t even seen the Pacific Ocean in… prolly… 20 years. So, I think it will be a hoot. Gonna go on my Can-Am… mid-level gear, and not too fast (yeah, right) — Let’s have lunch sometime soon, my treat. – TommyBoy

  • Judith says:

    Sounds like a phenomenal trip! Looking forward to your experiences.

    Hope that we can have lunch when you come to So Cal, if I’m in town.
    Take the time to go by Moonstone Beach in Cambria, stop to view the elephant seals (great walking path along bluff overlooking the Pacific with drop dead gorgeous scenery) on Piedras Blancas beach, Julia Pfeiffer State Park, Nepenthe in Big Sur for lunch or dinner, lots of time in the Redwoods beginning just north of Mendecino to north of Eureka. There is a Costco in Eureka. Hwy. 1 north of Piedras Blancas has lots of slow S curves and many places to stop for the views.

    Safe journey in Death Valley.

  • Tobiah Goldman says:

    Enjoy! Remember the DNWR and the Old Mormon Road is four wheels only, I think. Last I asked my ATV or a Motorcycle could get a ticket or confiscated. Each time I have been up there I saw Ranger Rick too. You might inquire ahead of time. Happy Thanksgiving!Toby

  • Rob Coats says:

    Hi Tom, good to know you haven’t taken up the rocking chair yet,hwy 1 is on my bucket list maybe next summer(2018)still planning on Alaska this year.Be safe in DV the pictures make it very interesting and something I need to look at soon.
    It’s hard to believe a couple of ole guys from Gintown Al.going to these places we only saw in books.Aint life sweet.

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