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“Long time, no hear”, right? – Sorry about that. “Been busy”, does that work? (No, I didn’t think so)

Well, let’s see… I’ve been refining my work on my anti-gravity boots invention; I wrote a screen-play for Brad Pitt; consulted on the Raider’s move to Las Vegas (Go Raiders) – mostly boring.

I DID take a little trip to a bed ‘n breakfast in Bishop, California. It’s called: “Rainbow Tarns” (here’s the link) – In case you don’t know, a “Tarn” is a small pond, (I know, I didn’t know that either.) It was unusually good, highly recommended, in fact.

What else? Well, the most interesting thing I’ve done in 2017 is take up a new hobby; “Ham-Radio”. My wife gave me a book over the winter called “Brain Power”, and one of its suggestions, especially for… uh… (ahem…) “older-folk” (yikes!) is to learn something new. The author stressed it can’t be just a new crossword puzzle. He suggested that one should consider learning a new language, say like Russian, or maybe Japanese. His point is… if you learn something REALLY new, you make new connections (dendrites) in your brain. He compared it to exercising the body. The phrase he used was: “If you’re going to exercise your bicep, you might as well exercise your brain.” –

I thought that was good advice to ‘seniors’, ‘the mature’, maybe including “the middle-aged”. And.. I thought it was excellent advice to me. So, since I can’t even spell ‘Japaneese’, and I thought “Rushia” was a verb… I took up “Amateur Radio”… (ham radio) — or, “radidio” as we call it in the So-uth.

I was pretty sure I didn’t know what an electron was… so my ‘non-knowledge’ would be perfect for: “learning something new.” – I took my first class back on January 25th and got my “Technician” designation. I progressed to the “General” course about a month later, and got my ticket in March. What the hell, I figured: “In for a penny, in for a pound” — and I started studying for the final designation on March 13th. It’s called “Amateur-Extra”, and with that license, one has ALL the privileges the FCC bestows on the public. – I got that sucker on May 6th. (HooRay!) – It’s actually a pretty big deal in “Ham-World”, — 50 random questions pulled from a pool of 700. The questions are written so that ANY of them are at least plausible. (Point being, you actually have to KNOW the subject (electronic THEORY) – just ‘guessing’ won’t work.

Let’s see… what else… Oh yeah, there’s one more thing, today… May 15th… 39 years ago, I had my last drink of alcohol (on the advice of the Atlanta Police Dept.) – Turns out, alcohol impairs your judgment. “Who’d a thunk?”

It’s been a long journey, on my last day of drinking, 39 years ago, I weighed 168 pounds, drank 12 ounces of vodka every two hours, and had “the shakes” so bad, I couldn’t lift the glass to my lips (I used a straw.) – I’m a HUGE advocate for A.A. – Millions of people have gotten sober, and stay sober through the miracle of A.A. – The tragic thing is how deadly alcoholism and drug-abuse is. Only 20% survive. Put another way, the death-rate for alcoholism / drug abuse is 80%. Remember “alcohol” is a drug… There are other drugs out there that are just as deadly as alcohol.

As a matter of fact, a close friend of mine lost a family member to drugs very recently. If you get a chance today, say a prayer for “D”, the universe will know who it is… When you get through with that prayer, – say another one for “D’s” family. They’re heart-broken.

There’s a tenet in A.A. I like a lot: “There but for the grace of God, goes I.” — I always re-phrase it to state: “There but for the grace of God, goes YOU!” – Think about it, and count your blessings if you haven’t had to deal with the ravages of alcohol and drug abuse.

(And don’t forget that prayer, either)


‘The Rubber Duck’

(KI7KGP) — by god…


  • Cathy McCain says:

    Thanks friend – D’s family is hurt and struggling with the realities of drug addiction. Addiction knows no boundaries and the threat for every family is real. What’s is your call name?

  • Toby Goldman says:

    QRZ? TommyBoy is an amateur EXTRA Class? Nice job! Now that you have your code speed up, you can attach those iambic paddles to your motorsickle horn and have some fun. I got my general class ticket in 1976 at the ripe age of 16 with my straight key, a swan 350 that warmed the room with it’s bulbs inside, and a vertical antenna. Now I am going to be looking for that big ‘ol Yagi antenna popping up over your abode, much to the chagrin of the HOA and wife. no you don’t need to ride across the desert if you don’t want, just cozy up to yer mike, I guess…
    and…when’s that 2×2 call sign coming? I suppose K7TB is taken? KI7KGP is good but a tad long. Got some good choices for phonetics though.

    • TommyBoy says:

      Thanks, I appreciate it. – a bunch — If you looked at my house from the street, you would never know there were 6 antennas up there. I’ve got a horizontal Windom, an inverted “Vee”, two different 2-meter/70 centimeter antennas, and a 17-foot mast antenna painted pale blue to match the sky. – So far, no one has said a word about my antenna-array.

      That ol’ “Extra” exam wasn’t that easy. But, I went from ‘Tech’ to “Extra” in 90 days. That’ pretty good for an old fart.

      Let’s have lunch sometime.

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